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The Heart of the Carioca

Saturday – November 22, 2008 – It doesn’t matter if the weather is bad in Rio de Janeiro. There is always something entertaining to do in this vibrant city. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate this morning for the hang gliding. We were scheduled to hang glide from 1,700 […]

A Cidade Maravilhosa

Friday – November 21, 2008 – It’s impossible not to wake up excited about the day in Rio de Janeiro. There’s a reason they call this “A Cidade Maravilhosa” – the Marvelous City! After waking up, Jeff and I headed downstairs for our complimentary Brazilian breakfast. We had a tour […]

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

Thursday – November 20, 2008 – After falling asleep over Suriname last night, I woke up this morning over south central Brazil. I slept about five hours on my Delta flight before breakfast time. After a Brazilian breakfast, Jeff and I filled out our immigration cards and suddenly […]

First Trip to Brazil!

Wednesday – November 19, 2008 – After missing Christmas last year to travel to South America for the first time, this year Jeff and I decided to travel back to South America, but this time during Thanksgiving. This trip we had to have visas for the first time […]

Last Day in Santiago, Chile

Saturday – December 29, 2007 – Sadly, today was our last day during our first visit to South America. Chile is such a beautiful country with the warmest and friendliest people. We wanted to make our last day count by seeing as much as possible before our flight […]