Back to the Tetons

Tuesday, August 13 – This morning we drove around the Grand Tetons to take in the beautiful range from several different viewpoints. We passed the National Elk Refuge, home to an average of 7,500 elk each winter. Shortly afterwards, the Teton Range rose up dramatically from the valley […]

On the Road Through Wyoming

Monday, August 12 – After breakfast, we were impressed at the beauty of Cheyenne, the state’s capital. Although the largest city in the state, less than 90,000 people live in the metro area. I began thinking about if there truly were beaches in Cheyenne, as in Garth Brooks’ song. […]

Rocky Mountain Fever in Denver

Saturday, August 10 – Sometimes in life you are in sore need of a vacation. It seems today I had reached that point! Going to graduate school year round, four nights a week and on Saturdays during some terms, has been challenging. Working full time, commuting up I-85 […]

Adéu Barcelona!

Monday, July 31 – Unfortunately, today was my last day in Spain. I had to arise early, so I tried to be quiet as possible and not wake my brother up since he would leave out of Madrid the next day. Eventually he woke up and I gave […]

The Monastery of Montserrat

Sunday, July 30 – The next morning we ate our free breakfast of jamon, croissants, queso and orange juice before heading into the train station. We decided to take a day trip outside Barcelona to see some spectacular scenery in the mountains around Catalunya. A Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat […]