London Calling!

n27418357_39305561_5108For four months, I studied abroad in London, England. These notes are select entries from my experiences in the United Kingdom and Western Europe from that time.

Sunday, August 23 –
Today was an incredibly exciting morning. Throughout this summer, I worked two jobs at my university to save as much as possible for the educational opportunity and travels of a lifetime. However, this seems like so much more than a study abroad program. I anticipate that it might be a major life experience that will open my eyes in ways that I cannot imagine.

Before lunchtime, my parents and brother drove me to Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta. There I met up with my fellow university students to check in for my flight to London. I didn’t know many of them very well, but I anticipate we’ll all know each other well after four months together. Today was a particularly anxious goodbye to my parents. My mom is battling breast cancer with radiation treatment, and I am concerned about her. This will also be the longest I have ever been away from home. After saying goodbye, we went through security and relaxed before our brand new British Airways 777 took off around 5 p.m. I sat next to my friend Rachel and some guy from NC State going to compete in Interlaken, Switzerland at the Amateur World Triathlon Championships.

It was not my first time flying “The World’s Favourite Airline.” As always, the food was great, the service was excellent, and the inflight movies and music were entertaining. Best of all, the transatlantic flight offered a bag with a blanket, pillow, eye shade, toothbrush/toothpaste, earplugs, socks and a complimentary headset. The supper was fairly tasty and consisted of steamed shrimp, rice, salad and pie. I chose to skip the movies and sleep. Our flight time was about 8.5 hours and we lost five hours.

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