Heading back to Spain!

Saturday, July 22 –

111535-bigthumbnailAfter my first year of being “out in the real world,” I had earned time for my first paid vacation. I longed to travel overseas some more since I worked in the international department at my company in Atlanta, so I decided to meet up with my brother who was studying in Spain for his second summer. My brother had finished a program at the Universidad de Salamanca, and I planned to travel with him at the end of his break. I snapped up some tickets on Travelocity several weeks before flying back to Spain for the first time in four years.

Saturday morning, I drove to my office building in Buckhead, Atlanta’s financial district. After parking my truck, I walked about four blocks with my backpack to the Buckhead MARTA station located above the Atlanta Financial Center tunnel. I took the train to Hartsfield International Airport where I boarded my flight to Philadelphia. That evening, my USAir flight left at 19:10 p.m. for Madrid. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be going back to one of my favorite places!

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