Adéu Barcelona!

Monday, July 31 –

Unfortunately, today was my last day in Spain. I had to arise early, so I tried to be quiet as possible and not wake my brother up since he would leave out of Madrid the next day. Eventually he woke up and I gave him a hug before leaving. It was hard to leave Barcelona after such a great trip.


Upon leaving the Barcelo Hotel Sants, I went into the train station and took the AVE high speed train to the airport. Around 10:30 a.m., I flew Delta back to Atlanta. We crossed over the gorgeous Pyrenees before I dozed off for a while. After watching a couple of movies and working on my travel diary, we soon arrived back in Atlanta.

It was a great trip, but I am inspired to see even more of the world. To think a small country like Spain is so diverse ethnically, culturally and linguistically just blows me away. To think there is so much more in the world to discover really makes me want to see a little bit more every year.

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