Horseback in Maui

Friday, September 12 –

The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast. Jeff, Dad and I decided to go on horse rides along the beaches from a nearby ranch. My horse, Josh, was a beautiful stallion who really wanted to hit the ocean a couple of times. We even passed through Oprah Winfrey’s property.


We didn’t want to leave this amazing hotel, but we had other places to see on beautiful Maui. We visited an amazing black sand beach nearby – I had never seen such before. We also saw the Palapala Ho’omau Church in nearby Kipahulu, home of the grave of Charles Lindbergh. The famous aviator spent his final years on Maui before he died of lymphoma in 1974, at age 72.

We headed back down the Hana Highway towards Kahuli, stopping a few more times along the way. We cut through the roads in the center of the island – they make a figure eight like shape around Maui – to drive towards Wailea. We checked into the Marriott Wailea Resort, our home for the next few nights. We checked out the beach and later had dinner at the resort.

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