Kayaking in Homer, Alaska

Monday, August 9, 2004 –


The next morning, Jeff and I woke up and ate breakfast before walking down to the piers. We decided to go sea kayaking for the first time. Our guide, Allison, took us on her small motorboat called the Harloquin, to a point across Kachemak Bay to our kayaks. After putting on our skirts, Allison helped us adjust the pedals for our rudders before we went out on a two-hour paddle around Yukon Island. It was beautiful and we saw quite a few moose on the nearby shores.

Yukon Island

Yukon Island

After a great paddle past the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge and back to the Harloquin, we headed back to Homer. Dad and Mom picked us up and we had lunch at the Two Sisters Expresso Bakery.

Then we headed back to walked down the spit exploring the shops. We saw tons of bald eagles – more than I have ever seen in my life combined – feeding on fish off the spit. These eagles were magnificent birds and were prow hunters. We were amazed at their flying skills and agile hunting abilities.

Jeff with huge halibut

Jeff with huge halibut

The Salty Dog Saloon

The Salty Dog Saloon

Later we walked by the docks where fish we were being brought in. We saw the biggest halibut I have ever seen hanging to be weighed. They were almost 6 feet long!

After exploring the spit that evening, we had burgers that evening at the Salty Dog Saloon. It was another great meal in Alaska with a beautiful late sunset at about 11 p.m.

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