Cycling in Anchorage

Saturday, August 21, 2004 –

Today was our last day in Alaska, so we wanted to make it count. Mom slept in while Dad, Jeff and I decided to wake up early to go cycling. We went downtown and rented some bikes. I rented a road bike, while Dad opted for a hybrid and Jeff went with a mountain bike. We decided to hike the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, which was has spectacular views of Anchorage.

313 Bike Jeff

On the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

From downtown, we followed the coast past Bootlegger Cover to Earthquake Park, where we stopped to see the monument to those who died in the Good Friday Quake of 1964. Alaska wasn’t heavily populated at the time, but 8.6 earthquake was strongest ever recorded in North America at the time. Residents described it as terrifying, lasting more than four minutes! The park destruction is the only legacy of the earthquake still standing. The new bluff you travel on is situation 500 feet from the former bluff!

Then we continued by Ted Stevens International Airport along the coast of the Cook Inlet to Kincaid Park, a former Nike missile site. There we stopped for lunch and more liquids before heading back to downtown. Along the way back we saw some guys cross country skiing on wheeled skis. Pretty cool way to stay in ski form for cross country season! As we rounded a bend not far from the airport. I almost ran full speed into a moose! I thought it was going to turn towards me but I stopped and gave it room. Wow, a heart-in-my-throat moment. I would have never lived it down if wrecked into a moose. When we arrived back in Anchorage after our 22-mile trip, Jeff said he was really sore. He apparently wasn’t used to cycling!

After picking Mom up, we went drown around town before having dinner at Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant. We enjoyed our last Alaskan salmon of the trip before heading to the airport. Our Delta flight left at 8:30 p.m. Our flight this time was non stop to Atlanta. We admired the beautiful views of the Chugach Mountains before we passed over Prince William Sound and the Yukon Territory before drifting off to sleep that night. We arrived back in Atlanta at 7:15 a.m. the next morning. Alaska is truly America’s final frontier and a place I will never forget.

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