On to El Calafate

Wednesday – December 26, 2007 –

Instead of doing another hike today, Jeff and I decided to take it easy. We both came down with a little bit of a cold and I think all of the trekking finally caught up with us. After sleeping late, we read for a while in the reading room before going on a walk to see the livestock. It was so cool to stay at an estancia.

That afternoon, Senor Halvorsen drove us into town so we could catch our bus that evening back to El Calafate. He said he needed to shopping in town and also take care of some business. Jeff and I toured some of the shops in town and grabbed some pizza at a restaurant not far from the trailhead we began the hike at yesterday. I was surprised that the Margherita pizza was so good.

How to eat like a gaucho

How to eat like a gaucho

Around 6 p.m, we boarded the Chalten Travel bus. Surprisingly, we saw Senor Halvorsen who gave us a hug goodbye. What a true gentleman and great host! After a three-hour journey down the dusty and unfinished Ruta 40, we arrived back in El Calafate around 9 p.m. We checked into the Patagonia Rebelde, a wooden and traditional Patagonia-styled, two-story hotel overlooking the town. After taking our stuff to our room, the front desk attendant, a cute Argentinean girl named Celia, recommended some restaurants. Afterwards, she got back on the phone to have a passionate argument with her mother back in Buenos Aires who seemed to own the place!

The Patagonia Rebelde

The Patagonia Rebelde

We had a steak dinner in town before coming back to the hotel to crash. Jeff and I seemed to be getting a little worse with the colds, which we thought were turning into sinus infections. We took our antibiotics and hoped to get some rest.

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