Last Day in Brazil

Saturday – November 29, 2008 –

We woke up in Iguazu for the last time and ate breakfast before checking out of the hotel. We hated to leave, but all good trips must eventually come to an end. Jeff and I went down to the souvenir shops of the resort where I bought a leather plate map of Argentina and Iguazu clock. Jeff bought a gaucho barbecue knife and fork set. Then we gathered up our gear and took our transfer back to Brazil.

When we arrived at the airport, we went through security. The Brazilian TSA guards stopped Jeff multiple times asking him if he had something in his bag. Jeff said no, but soon it became apparent he left his gaucho knife and fork in his carry on. I had never seen Jeff turn so red in his life. They understood it was a mistake, but Jeff lost his souvenir as they confiscated it. Jeff was a little more than annoyed at himself!

Our TAM flight left at 13:30 p.m. and we arrived in São Paulo (Guarulhos) at 3 p.m. We were very impressed again by TAM. After grabbing some dinner at a steakhouse (what else?) in the airport and buying some souvenirs for a few people, we boarded our Delta flight for home.

Jeff and I weren’t sitting together, but I made friends with Brazilian guy named Fabio from São Paulo who was flying for the first time. I got him over his nervousness and found out it was his first trip outside South America. He was going to Atlanta on business because his American company was based there. We had a good conversation and I helped him with his headset. We talked about his church, he was Baptist, and I told him he spoke English well. He was nervous about it, but I told him he knew English well.

We would arrive in Atlanta around 5:45 the next morning. After helping Fabio through customs and arranging his transport, Jeff and I had Mom and Dad pick us up. What an amazing trip to Brazil. This country surprised me at every turn and the people are the nicest and most laid back of any people I have ever met. I am hooked and want to go back!

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