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Delta Air Lines’ ‘Bags on Time Guarantee’ for February and March


If you fly Delta Air Lines, you have a lot to make you unhappy with the airline this year. They continue to devalue their SkyMiles® program, especially when they recently introduced a new five-tier airfare scheme, including a low-price “Basic Economy” ticket that’s the most restrictive and least comfortable option in the industry. Combined with recently taking down their SkyMiles mileage charts online, many travel experts believe the cheapest SkyMiles redemptions will be linked to their new primitive class. But their lack of transparency and clarity obfuscates their true intentions.

However, Delta has implemented one positive for travelers for the rest of February and March. For those SkyMiles members whose bags are more than 20 minutes late to the baggage claim in a U.S. airport, they are eligible for a “Bags on Time Guarantee” of 2,500 SkyMiles.

If you meet this condition, you must visit the Delta website to enter your name, flight number, travel date, and confirmation number. While I hope this will be rolled out permanently, this follows the lead of others such as Alaska Airlines. However, the bad news is this essentially is about equal to Delta only refunding the economy ticket initial bag fee that you would be charged if you did not have an AMEX SkyMiles credit card.

However, it is good to see that Delta is actually tying monetary reimbursement to their service targets. If you fly into airports that are notoriously slow for luggage handling (LAX and BHM, for example), expect better service during the short term if you are flying Delta. It will be interesting to see if United Airlines and some of the other U.S. airlines copy Delta like they normally do.

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  1. What they don’t emphasize is that you only have three days to file your late claim. When I returned home from my one week trip, I went online to file my claim only to have my claim denied because it was more than 3 days. I also inquired at their baggage claim counter the same day at the airport, and the counter attendants said they didn’t know anything about the program. So much for goodwill!

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  2. Yet another inconvenience for your customers the least you could do is provide a link to the Delta web site for lost or delayed bags but no make it someone else’s responsibility to provide information you already have in your records!

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