North America

Photo Postcards: Great Lakes January

There is another storm brewing on Lake Michigan, and though it’s frigid, it sure is stunning and gorgeous. I was disappointed that I left my Canon DSLR at home, but my HTC Desire Eye did a pretty good job out there in the elements.

Days like this make you appreciate being alive to experience another beautiful day on this amazing Earth.

Tiscornia Beach covered in snow and Lake Michigan frozen near the St. Joseph North Pier and Lighthouse

January ice forming on Lake Michigan near the lighthouse

St. Joseph North Pier and Lighthouse looks magical frozen in snow and ice.

Large chunks of ice are beginning to freeze in frigid Lake Michigan.

Huge floating icebergs stuck in the water off Silver Beach as Lake Michigan freezes

Nature’s icicles form on the handrails of St. Joseph’s South Pier.

The end of the South Pier is a skating rink frozen in several inches of ice.

Eery pancake ice forms off the South Pier.

The St. Joseph North Pier and Lighthouses prepare for another storm.

Benches stand alone covered in snow.

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