Beach Day in Maui

Monday, August 21, 2006 –

After the long trip from eastern Maui on Sunday, we decided to have a relaxing day at the ResortQuest Papakea. Dad and I enjoyed the beach in the morning and snorkeled for a while. We came back to the condo for sandwiches.

That afternoon we played some tennis on our resort’s tennis courts before enjoying the pool. We went to downtown Lahaina for dinner at Kimo’s, one of our favorite restaurants. I had some really good ribs and the incredible Hula Pie dessert – a warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on top. They say it’s “what sailors swam to shore for,” and I believe it. Absolutely delicious!

Back at the condo, we decided to watch a movie from the owner’s collection. I had never seen “Jurassic Park II: The Lost World” before, so we watched the famous Spielberg movie that was filmed in Kauai. It was pretty good and a fun way to end a relaxing day.

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