Haleakala Sunset in Maui

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 –

We woke up at the ResortQuest Papakea and decided to do whatever we wanted during the morning. After all, we are on vacation at the beach in Maui! I went to the beach and snorkeled for a while. After lunch, Dad, Mom and I went to the pool. The views across Pacific are just stunning in Lahaina. We really enjoyed the magnificent views of the islands of Kahoolawe and Lanai.

During the evening, we decided to drive up Haleakala volcano to see a spectacular sunset. Back in 2003, we awoke very early to see the most spectacular sunrise of our lives from the sunset. We then enjoyed a 10,000 descent down the volcano road on mountain bikes. This time around, we wouldn’t be taking the bike trip, but we hoped to see an equally spectacular view of the sun.

Late afternoon on Haleakala

Late afternoon on Haleakala

About an hour before sunset, we arrived at the summit. Surprisingly, it was not super crowded but a sizable crowd. We walked to the overlook of the crater and looked west. When the sun sets in Hawaii, it seems to go remarkably fast. Because we could see so far on the horizon at the top of the volcano, it seemed to last a little while longer. We had a beautiful blue sky, which turned orange as the sun dipped past the horizon on its way towards Japan. I think that was the best sunset I have ever witnessed.

Haleakala sunse

Haleakala sunse

After descending that evening, we headed toward Whaler’s Village near Kaanapali Beach. We missed the busiest crowd for dinner, so we didn’t have to wait to long for a table at the Hula Grill. It was another fantastic seafood dinner in Hawaii as I enjoyed ahi tuna. It was a great ending to a spectacular day in Maui.

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