Surfing School in Lahaina

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 –

RH08231 263@0Today was our last full day in Hawaii. This morning, I had a reservations to learn something I have always wanted to try: surfing! And what better place to learn than Hawaii?

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., I took lessons at the Royal Hawaiian Surf School in Lahaina. The small group lessons included me and five others. I really didn’t have any expectations as to how I would do but I thought it might be a challenge with my klutzy side.

The lessons included a soft-top long board, a protective rash guard short and booties (like aqua socks). We began with technique instruction on the beach. However, when start swimming with your board to catch a wave, it’s initially hard to catch the wave and not rush through your technique. It was definitely a lot harder than I expected! I fell often early, but I started to get better as the session went on. However, I never could get maintain consistency. I would have a good ride and then completely bust backwards and awkward on a smaller wave the next time. One girl in my group from Switzerland seemed to be a natural. However, I learned earlier she had taken a lesson before. Needless to say, she destroyed us!

How not to surf!

How not to surf!

This afternoon after lunch at the condos, I went for a run on the week. Definitely the prettiest 10K I have ever run, but running on the sand is tough! My muscles were sore in places I have never experienced after a run!

During the evening, Dad, Mom and I enjoyed the beach one last time in Lahaina. Our last sunset in Hawaii was picture perfect. We went for our last dinner at Duke’s, another one of our favorites. I am going to miss the fresh Hawaiian mahi mahi!

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